Dogs do not speak English, they have their own body language to communicate.  It is up to us to learn  and understand this. Change the emotion and you will change the behaviour.

Out and about dog training and behaviour

All my training is positive and force free.  Simply, dogs will do what works for them.  I use evidence based methods.

Positive, force free

About me

  • Dog training out and about on your daily walks
  • One to one behaviour consultations in your home or out and about
  • Group lessons at Woodham Walter Essex Tuesday Evenings.
  • Agility workshops at Purleigh Essex with Linda Burton
  • New puppy advice
  • New rescue dog advice
  • Advise on what puppy would suit you and your family
  • Guided dog walks in the lovely countryside around Danbury, Essex, to build confidence for you and your dog out and about.
  • Clicker Training
  • Exercise and train service in your absence.

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I am a qualified Dog Trainer and Behaviour advisor and a full member of The Institute of Modern Dog Training and The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  I am also a Registered Veterinary Nurse, advising new puppy and dog owners the essentials in training and behaviour.  

Change the emotion

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More Wag, Less Bark