• Behaviour is changed by its consequence.
  • Dogs need to exercise their basic instincts.
  • This can be controlled through training and play.
  • This is the main reason for unwanted behaviour
  • They just want to eat, play, and love.

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Puppy primers

Puppy socialisation

Puppy training

Adult dog training

Clicker Training

Training out and about on your daily walks

New rescue dog advice 

One to one behaviour consultations in your home or out and about or on line

Off lead confidence in a group

Group walks

Reactive dogs

Guarding issues


Essential training for your new puppy

You only commit yourself to training sessions that suit you.

You train in a relaxed environment  and learn how to enjoy your dog.

You will build a bond with your dog and he will be offering the desired behaviour, not being forced to do it.

Your dog will enjoy the training as he will be in an environment he knows and exercising his natural senses.

Small group lessons with everyone training to their ability

​I train the dog to want to make the correct choice.

  • Bite inhibition to people and dogs
  • Release toys
  • Socialisation to people and dogs
  • ​Appropriate puppy play.
  • Learn how to behave off the lead

its all woofs to them

Puppy Package : 6 weeks continued support via zoom/calls/emails or texts weekly. Total for package £60.

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